Citation CJ3

The CJ3 by Cessna is a stretched version of the Citation CJ2, providing more space for several more passengers but maintaining the excellent flight characteristics of these charter jets. The low drag wing provides better airspeed while reducing fuel consumption.

The no-drop interior, just like the shorter versions of the Citation, provides ample leg room and makes the cabin feel especially comfortable during longer flights. The Citation CJ3 has an increased range that allows for cross country non-stop flights in superb comfort.

For even more interior room and space for more passengers the Citation CJ4 spans the gap between mid-size jets with light jets by offering the room of a mid-size jet and the economics of a light jet.

There is also plenty of baggage space on this jet that allows the room for plenty of bags and luggage such as skis etc.

Citation CJ3 Charter Jet Details

Manufacturer Cessna
Class Light Jets
Seating 6 – 8
Cruise Speed 480 mph
Range 2157 miles
Lavatory Partial
Baggage 65 cu. ft.
Cabin Height 4.75 ft.
Cabin Width 4.90 ft.
Cabin Length 15.70 ft.

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