Citation Mustang

The Citation Mustang is a compact light jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company is Kansas. In standard configuration it seats 4 passengers in the aft cabin along with a toilet. There is seating for two in the cockpit. The Mustang is approved for single pilot operation and is a proven light jet with many operators around the world and thousands of hours flown.

This is one of the most economical light jets on the market so you’ll get some of the best jet charter flight pricing available in this jet. While there are 4 first class style seats in the cabin (in a club seating arrangement similar to a limousine) only two of them recline, so if passenger comfort is your top priority you would want to select a slightly larger charter jet aircraft.

Here is a short video of the Citation Mustang in action.

The Mustang has slow approach speeds and requires a short landing runway distance which increases landing safety and enables this slick jet to land at airports that other jets simply cannot. The pilot will enjoy some of the best avionics technology available via the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit which provides detailed flight, engine and performance information at a glance.

Citation Mustang Charter Jet Details

Manufacturer Cessna
Class Light Jets
Seating 4 – 5
Cruise Speed 390 mph
Range 1150 miles
Lavatory Partial
Baggage 57 cu. ft.
Cabin Height 4.50 ft.
Cabin Width 4.60 ft.
Cabin Length 9.80 ft.

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