Phenom 300

The Embraer Phenom 300 was designed to stretch limits of the light jet class of jet charters by creating an airplane with best in class performance, utility and comfort with operating costs at turbo-prop levels. This is not simply a stretched version of the Phenom 100, a great light jet in its own right.

The designers gave the 300 a stretched fuselage, a brand new wing and powerful and quiet Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines. The wings are slightly swept back, unlike the straighter wings on the 100. Anti-icing is done with bleed air. Like the 100 the 300 makes use of Embraer’s Oval Lite cross section shape that provided better headroom and legroom than competing jets.

The full size seats slide to the center and almost fully recline for easy sleeping if needed. It also has a nice, full lavatory which can come in handy since this jet has some range. At 66 cubic feet the rear baggage area can easy accommodate everyone’s gear along with several pairs of skis as needed. Plus the door on this jet is the latter down, which just plain looks cool. There is also a nice sized galley in the front for drinks and food mid-flight.

The G1000 Prodigy avionics made by Garmin greatly simplifies management of the flight by the pilot. With the pilot’s mind off all the little details it enables them to focus on the important parts of the flight which leads to improved safety.

Phenom 300 Charter Jet Details

Manufacturer Embraer
Class Light Jets
Seating 7 – 8
Cruise Speed 500 mph
Range 2393 miles
Lavatory Full
Baggage 74 cu. ft.
Cabin Height 4.90 ft.
Cabin Width 5.10 ft.
Cabin Length 17.10 ft.

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