Citation Sovereign

The Sovereign offers the savvy business jet traveler a great mix of speed and the ability to cover more ground than the competition. It offers a coast-to-coast range at outstanding cruise speed along with excellent short runway performance.

Depending on the configuration the 25 foot long cabin holds from 8 to 12 luxurious seats for business partners, family or friends. The 5.7 foot high cabin allows for you to stand up and move around without slouching over (too much).

The Sovereign is popular with pilots too thanks to its advanced avionics and engine control functions that make their job not only easier but also safer. The trailing link landing gear leads to smooth landings as well as an advanced braking system.

Its one of the most comfortable private jets that can fly direct from California to Hawaii, and in four and a half hours no less, without breaking the bank.

Citation Sovereign Charter Jet Details

Manufacturer Cessna
Class Midsize Jets
Seating 9
Cruise Speed 527 mph
Range 3275 miles
Lavatory Full
Baggage 135 cu. ft.
Cabin Height 5.70 ft.
Cabin Width 5.50 ft.
Cabin Length 25.20 ft.

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