Airport Noise a Constant Battle

Posted by: Prince Jets  Jun 18, 2014 01:06 PM

While this is about an airport in Australia, its the same battle fought at hundreds if not thousands of airports all around the world. Airports are the most useful when they are located nearby cities and towns so that passengers are close by their destination after their plane lands. They also need to be on large tracts of flat even ground.

Unfortunately this also means that home developers have seen these same areas as great places to throw up a bunch of subdivisions.  As the homes encroach on nearby airport lands the inevitable happens, the homeowners start to complain about noise and that they fear for their lives should an accident occur.

This is exactly what happened at the Essendon airport where the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport there gave two jet charter companies permission to fly three aircraft during restricted hours.

But despite agreeing to the restricted hours and no flights at all on Sundays the Close Essendon Airport Campaign spokeswoman still said the group would appeal the decision through the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

As more and more airports across the world close every day there are no new ones opening to compensate for the loss. The lost airports are generally small general aviation airports that give smaller planes and jets access to communities that would otherwise be a long drive away from larger international airports.

Each time an airport is closed, its like closing a local business that generates not only tax revenue for the community it serves but also good jobs.

If you live near an airport or are thinking of buying near one then please realize that there is going to be noise and that noise means a stronger economy, more jobs and a more thriving community.

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