Brazilian Football Star Neymar Uses Private Jet Charter to Return for Match

Posted by: Prince Jets  Jun 18, 2014 01:06 PM

Brazilian football star Neymar decided he really wanted to play for Santos in their match against Figueirense in Brazil’s Serie A championship on Thursday. Neymar had just finished playing in Brazil’s victory over Sweden in Stockholm on Wednesday before boarding a private jet charter to fly him directly to the brazilian city of Florianopolis. Even the direct flight was not short at 14 hours but a comparable commercial trip would have taken closer to 24 hours to complete with trasfers and wait times involved.

But it appears that it wasn’t Santos who paid for the flight. Instead it was their 20 yr old star who insisted that he make the trip and paid for the travel expenses as well.

“He wants to play and will join the Santos team Thursday before a decision is made,” Santos vice-president Odilio Rodrigues said.

Above is a picture that Neymar posted to his twitter account relaxing on the luxury jet. While we don’t know what exact jet Neymar flew in it would have needed to be something like a Global Express large cabin or heavy jet to be able to make the 7066 mile journey without stopping for fuel.

Santos greatly missed their star while he was away to play for the Olympics. While Brazil lost to Mexico in the gold medal match they still return with the silver medal.

While some will decry the flight as a blatant flaunting of wealth by a pampered sports superstar, we prefer to view it as it is, a smart use of resources to save time and energy and achieve one’s goals. In this case it paid off big. Neymar scored the goal below to even the score at 1-1 and then made a selfless pass to teammate Paulo Henrique Ganso to seal the 3-1 win.

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