How to fly Executive & Private Jets at Airline Prices

Posted by: Prince Jets  May 31, 2014 07:05 AM

Upgrading to private jets is the ultimate choice of first class travelers. However, chartering or purchasing of jets is so expensive that it can only be afforded by a few people in society. So, how can a business traveler fly at the price of business-class on a business jet?

Fly Empty Jet Sectors

Purchase of a seat on a flight’s ‘deadhead’ positioning is the first option. After VIPs have been delivered to their destination by a chartered plane, it usually flies back empty either to its base or to its next point of pickup. Some jet charter companies offer such empty flight seats at very low prices to travelers.

An approximate 40% of all private jet flights fly back empty from their destinations, therefore, there is a variety to choose from for interested persons.

Although a traveler gets to enjoy the great amenities like private terminals, ‘master of the universe’ feeling and comfortable seats, the flights come with no flexibility of selecting a route and time of choice.

Searching online the keywords ‘deadhead’ or ’empty leg’ will return many relevant results of providers such as AirPartner’s Empty Sector website, among others.

Resurrect DayJet

The 2nd option no longer exists because it died when DayJet ceased trading in 2008. They used light jets, the Eclipse 500, to fly across smaller airports based in Florida. Travelers were offered travel on ‘pay-per-seat, on-demand’. When a traveler requested for a flight between two airports, it was confirmed and a quote sent. The cost of empty leg flights would be even lower. The prices, flight schedules and availability of seats was facilitated by a clever booking system. It’s a good idea. A great article by James Fallows about this idea is in The Atlantic and since this technology still exists, a similar business model could reappear in the future.

Social Flights

Social Flights can be organized either on Facebook or Groupon by a group of friends in order to book private jets at lower prices; they can either join an existing group or create one.  Fast Company recently listed 22 flights with the price of every seat beginning at $150. With enough members and trips, this is an excellent way of experiencing private flights.

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