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*Type in city not airport

Private Jet Charter Prices & Estimates

Chartering a private jet can cost somewhere between $1,500 to $15,000 per hour.  Major factors deciding the pricing would be location, aircraft type, timings, and of course the distance of the flight. Unlike typical ordinary airlines, private jets have the leverage to operate from a large number of airports which change based on client requirements. In case a flight departure destination is very far from the home base of the jet, the re-positioning costs will be included in the overall charter price. Following factors might be included in the pricing variation:

  • Flight Time: Total air-traveled time during the entire flight will be multiplied by the hourly rate of the aircraft. The hourly rate will vary from aircraft to charter services
  • Airport Handling Fees: The Aircraft Handling Company or Fixed Based Operator (FBO) would be needed to manage an aircraft on most of the airports.
    Passenger transportation, airport servicing, fuel, crew resting and other handling necessity charges will be included.
  • Airport Landing Fees: An airport charges a particular free for aircraft landing. The landing fee will depend on the weight of the aircraft.
  • Passenger Taxes: A passenger departure tax has been in effect by many countries depending on the route.
  • Crew Salaries: The crew size will be depended on the size of the aircraft.
  • Crew Expenses: On-air food and drinks and other services of the crew will have to be provided by the charter service company.
  • Ground Transport: Transportation of the crew and the passengers will be taken care of by the charter company.
  • Hotel costs for your crew (return trips): Overnight and hotel charges of the crew will have to be paid by the company.
  • Airport parking charges (return trips): Airport parking of the aircraft in case of return trips or round trips should be handled by the company.


Average Hourly Rate for Aircraft Rentals

  • Very Light Jets (VLJ)
  • Light Jets
  • Midsize Jets
  • Super Midsize Jets
  • Large Jets
  • Jet Airliner
  • VIP Airliner
  • Turboprop Aircraft
  • Helicopters

How much to rent a Private Jet?

This is one of the questions we at Princejets are most frequently asked.  Many customers who have not rented a private jet before have no idea how much it actually costs and even those who have used one before find it difficult to understand how the actually pricing works. Princejets key objective is to be completely transparent to our customers about the charter pricing.  That’s why we are delighted to announce the launch of our new private jet charter price calculator which will give customers the opportunity to explore charter prices instantly. Try it out now!