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China’s Financial Gateway

Hong Kong is not just China’s gateway, but also one of the most important business and financial centers, globally. With 425 square miles of land mass, this city has a population that averages 7 million. It is bordered by the Guangdon province to the south and Pearl River Delta to the west; since the 19th century to date, Hong Kong has thrived as an industry and commerce center, in addition to acting as a leading port in trading.

Hong Kong was colonized by the United Kingdom from 1842 to 1997, when sovereignty was transferred to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Afterwards, it has thrived as a political and economic city, under a “one country, two systems” arrangement that was agreed upon with the PRC. Hong Kong continues to be an essential trade and financial international center as a result of low taxation and its ever thriving economy of free-market. During the pre 70s, this city got its wealth mainly from the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Thereafter, the financial and service industries have been Hong Kong’s major economy drivers.

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Why Use an Aircraft Charter in Hong Kong?

At Princejets.com, our major target customers comprise a diverse number of rich executives who live affluent lifestyles and travel to China on a regular basis. For your private jet charter services to Hong Kong and the wider Asian region, we coordinate and offer reliable flight services, whether you are travelling for business or personal reasons.

Moreover, Princejets.com continues to enjoy global recognition for being a leader in offering worldwide private jet charter services that are very affordable. Having been in business for many years serving travelers to Hong Kong by providing them with the itineraries they need for their business trips to China, we guarantee a rewarding flight and experience to all our esteemed customers. Whether groups seeking to travel are large or small, we have a team of client service representatives who are experienced and dedicated to coordinate transport for Hong Kong business travelers; our various aircraft sizes can cater for this.

International travelers do experience effective communication barriers during their business missions such as language and cultural social barriers. Therefore, to ensure that there is minimal or no loss of information during translations, Princejets.com has created strong ties through partnerships with various private jet vendors. Whether you travel frequently to Hong Kong or looking to make your first international flight through a private jet, Princejets.com is your company of choice as we are chosen by most executives for their private jet travel coordination.

Available Aircrafts & Helicopters Near Hong Kong

Aircraft Name Category Yom Seats Range
G-200 Midsize Jet N/A 9 3400 nm REQUEST NOW
Falcon 2000 Heavy Jet N/A 10 3250 nm REQUEST NOW
G-550 Heavy Jet N/A 13 6750 nm REQUEST NOW

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Why Princejets.com to Hong Kong?

We are known for our award-winning private jet charter services globally, and users are guaranteed great moments throughout their flight duration. Furthermore, we can help our travelers secure aircrafts at affordable rates, normally lower than those from other jet companies, thanks to the exclusive partnerships and relationships we have managed to develop across the entire Asian continent. Before any bookings are made, we strive to ensure that all safety standards are met by the respective jet charter operators.

You can send us a fee free jet charter quote and we will provide you with a tailored travel solution. We look forward to serving you not just on this flight, but also in the future. Princejets.com private charter services are destined to Hong Kong as well as other Asian destinations.

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