The Rules of Proper Private Jet Etiquette

Posted by: Prince Jets  Oct 05, 2019 10:10 AM
Private Jet Etiquette

When it comes to flying with a private jet, there are several rules for etiquette that must be followed. Some of these are clearly defined rules, while others are simply etiquette rules to live by. Below are the proper etiquette rules for flying private:

Dress Properly
When flying private, what you wear is just as important as how you act. It is important not to be overdressed, but to appear perfectly suited for the occasion which includes wearing clothes that are classy, clean, and with an overall neat appearance, unless your flight calls for a specific type of dress code.

Speak Up
On your flight, you should ask for what you desire, but always remember to ask nicely but firmly. Be clear in your convictions and ask for things that might make your trip easier and more enjoyable overall. But, make sure to use proper etiquette and only the best manners when requesting anything on a private flight.

Let the Host Board First
One of the unspoken rules of flying private is always letting the host board first. That means that you do not get on the flight until the host has gotten on, simply wait for your turn to board which will make everything run that much more smoothly.

Let the Crew Carry All Bags
When flying private, it is expected that you do not carry your own bags, ever! Wait for a crew member to pick up your bags as is typically done on private flights.

Keep Your Voice Low Along With the Volume on All Social Media
Don’t worry about not using your laptop or smartphone devices, they are welcome on private flights, but keep the noise to a minimum. Many private flights are very quiet, so it is best if you speak softly at all times as well as keep the volume down on your electronic devices.

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