Private / Business Jet Charter Aircraft

At Prince Jets we have access to the widest selection of private jet charter aircraft and helicopters on the planet for your private jet charter needs. Whether for business or pleasure our goal is to ensure that you get the best aircraft for your trip at the most competitive price possible. Because of our depth of providers and partners we can aquire light, medium and heavy jets as needed for each account.

Not sure which aircraft best suits your needs? No problem. Our client service representative will consult with you to determine the best charter aircraft available for your trip. Our recommendation will be based on your personal preferences, the amount of free space desired, the number of passengers, the amount of luggage and the length of the flight. All of our flights can be catered with the food and beverages of your choice and customized to your other tastes as well. From food, drinks to entertainment and work options while on board, we are here to serve.

Piston and turboprop powered aircraft are the most affordable aircraft options for private charter flights and are generally the slowest, although that is not always the case. The Piaggio Avanti cruises at a speed equivalent to a light jet and yet is much more efficient. Turboprops are typically best for shorter flights because they can land on shorter, more local runways and are not quite as fast. Light jets are great for short hops as well as medium range flights. Once you have a larger group above 6 people traveling then you’ll want to move up to a mid-size jet to fit everyone in. After that its all about range. If you need to go transcontinental and want to make it non-stop then you’ll want a super-midsize or larger for the extended range and luxurious comfort.

These aircraft are not owned or operated by Prince Jets. They are owned and operated by a select group of FAA Certified Part 135 Air Charter Carriers that meet stringent FAA requirements and safety standards set by PrinceJets.