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  • Falcon 7 X 8-12 500 mph 6847 miles

    The 7X is the largest business jet built by Dassault. It flies further, faster and higher than most other private jets. It was introduced as the first fully fly by wire jet.   more

  • Phenom 100 4 420 mph 1355 miles

    The Phenom 100 has one of the largest interiors of any light jet. Because of the way the fuselage is designed the floor of the cabin does not taper in at the bottom, leading to more leg room.   more

  • Learjet 60 7-9 521 mph 2615 miles

    The Learjet 60 fills a big niche for private charter jets that climb quickly to a high cruise speed, have high reliability and operate economically, thus meaning a better price for the charter customer.   more

  • Paris Le Bourget is Europe's busiest private jet airport. Located just outside of Paris, this airport is attracts both leisure and executive travellers.   more

  • Geneva Cointrin International Airport is Europe's second most busiest private jet airport. Located within the city, this airport is used by many executive travellers.    more

  • London Farnborough is the UK’s most popular business jet airport. Because of its convenient location it provides the perfect gate to London.    more

  • Manila is one of the top travel destinations worldwide that experiences ever increasing investment opportunities and has a booming economy.   more

  • Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales. It’s one of the most populous cities in Australia, having a population of about 4.6 million people.    more

  • What makes Madrid a special city is its kind people, the sunny days and the warmer nights, and what makes it memorable is arriving in a private jet charter aircraft.    more

Private Jet Charter Services

How much does a Private jet cost?


Princejets is a leading on-demand jet charter and aircraft rental provider for clients who require the safest, fastest, and most reliable service. With no long term contracts or commitments, Princejets offers unique travel experiences, and provides only the highest level of customer service. Our team of aircraft charter experts are on standby 24/7 to provide tailored travel solutions for both personal and professional needs.

Whether you need a light jet such as the Learjet 60 for a short city trip or a large cabin jet like a Falcon 7X for a meeting at the other side of the world, Princejets can accommodate all of your aircraft charter needs. With access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, Princejets can organise private jets, turboprop aircraft or even helicopters for any travel requirements. Our highly experienced team will guide you in the selection of the most suitable aircraft, and will assist before, during and after your flight.

Save time with a private jet charter

We know time is your most valuable asset, so we always work with the highest level of efficiency. You’ll save time by arriving closer to your destination, avoiding the hassles of airport crowds or waiting for connecting flights and delays. Your flight will depart when you are ready, anytime of the day.

Our aircraft charter department operates on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year to serve clients with an incomparable level of flexibility. We can arrange flights in as little as 4 hours’ notice, and can even place clients on exclusive empty leg flight offers at significant discounts.

The ultimate travel experience

Wherever you need to be, you deserve an unprecedented travel experience with a service designed specifically for your journey. Our air charter experts are ready to match you with our network of luxury aircraft - contact us today for a free aircraft charter quote.

You probably have a lot of options from aircraft charter brokers and operators when you choose to book your next charter flight. We are confident that we can compete not only on a service level with the best out there but we also guarantee that we can match or beat the price for your flight quoted by any competitor (for equivalent aircraft and dates / trip length quoted). All we ask for is the opportunity to impress you with our level of service and dedication to make your next booking the best charter flight experience you’ve ever had.

Fly in Comfort

Booking a charter flight with Princejets.com also ensures you the ultimate level of service and comfort for your next flight. Let us know your special requests for food, drinks etc. for your flight and we’ll happily arrange it. You’ll have lots of room in your corporate jet to move around and plenty of leg room for even the tallest of passengers. Most jets have seats that fold flat or nearly so as well so you can rest easy. We also know the comfort a dog or cat can bring and they are welcome on most flights as well.

Fly Safe

Our jets are screened to be the safest, most updated planes in the world. We ensure that only the best maintenance and safety practices are followed by our operators, which are rated by independent safety regulators to ensure a safe flight. All flights are registered with the FAA and with any foreign equivalents as necessary.


A. There are various pricing points for private jet flights. the most budget-friendly type of private jet flight is a charter flight which is a small prop aircraft such as a diamond twin star which flies between new york and boston and costs as little as 2500 usd. most charter flights cost betweeen 2500 usd and 500,000 usd. on a gulfstream gv, a round-the-world tour can cost upwards of 500,000 usd. on average, most private jet flights tend to be one hour and thirty minutes each way and fall around 15,000 usd in total. the three ways to fly on a private jet include ad hoc charter which is the same as hiring an aircraft for a specific destination, ownership of a private jet which is a very expensive option and fractional ownership which includes sharing the total cost of an aircraft for an annual fee paid upfront.


A. The catering on board will be determined by the duration of the flight. prepared hot food will usually be served by a flight attendnet on longer flights, while cold food will be served on shorter flights. you can always stipulate to private jet travel what you would like to eat and drink on your private jet flight.

Answer3. WHAT’S AN FBO?

A. A fbo is short for fixed base operator and is a legacy term. in an airport, an fbo is known as the private jet terminal and handling facilities.


A. Depending on how you arrive will determine how you meet your pilot and crew. the crew will meet you at the aircraft's steps if you drive directly there, or if you arrive in the private jet terminal, the crew and pilot will meet you in the vip lounge. you will also be given the pilots mobile number to call if there is a delay or to make immediate direct contact. if the airport you are arriving to has several private jet terminals, you will be advised as to what terminal you will need to go to beforehand.


A. When flying on a private jet, the first step is to go to the private jet terminal (fbo) which might or might be in the same terminal as the vip area. the private jet terminal handles all private jet flights at the airport. certain airports have several private jet terminals to accompany more flights. private jets usually depart within 15 mintues of arrival and the security process is usually very quick. pre-clearance can also be arranged beforehand, and you are able to wait in the comfortable vip lounge during this process with the crew and escort meeting you when the jet is ready to depart. the security process will consist of a luggage check in some cases or an immigration spot check.


A. A wheelchair can be taken on a private jet in most cases when space allows, for instance, on the citation mustang. although, there are some private jets too small to allow a wheelcahir, such as the diamond twin star.


A. Airlines and private jets must go through the same procedures when it comes to customs and airline procedures. privatefly ensures that each flight has been pre-cleared with authorities to expediate and simplify the process as much as possible. in the majority of cases, there is no delay when it comes to customs, especially at busy private jet airports including london luton and london city airport where staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


A. Private jets usually fly at around 41,000 feet and can fly as high as 45,000 feet. private jets are able to fly at higher height than common airplanes which ensures a quicker traveling time. to determine the altitute in feet of a private jet, simply subtract a zero off the mileage distance.


A. Yes, a private jet is extremely safe! each private jet and helicopter through the princejets.com network has been accredited. princejets.com prides itself on company culture, professional flight planning, pilot training, and aircraft maintenance to ensure safety every step of the way. each private jet comes with two pilots which are professional, experienced, and qualified. princejets.com never plans flights which have the potential to be unsafe and each jet is kept to only the highest maintenance and engineering standards. princejets.com is known as the one of the safest private jet companies around, and we use wyvern and wyvern gold for the ultimate in flight safety standards. we also use argos and argos platinum to guarantee the safest flying experience. for more information on all of our safety standards, feel free to request a wyvern or argos audit straight from the flight supplier.


A. Yes, you can take your dog with you in the cabin on a private jet. we are able to answer questions you might have about taking your pet with you, but there are particular requiements and documentation needed which are required for everyone who flies with an animal on board.