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Wellington – the heart of New Zealand

The capital of New Zealand, wellington ranks twelfth in the quality of living of survey conducted in the recent past and the city is the second most populous one in the country. While it is said to be the political centre of the country, it also houses several film and theatre industry which makes it the centre for the entertainment businesses as well. The city experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year and the temperature hardly goes above 25 degrees. One of the key factors why people prefer this as their travel destination is its temperate marine climate and the calm and pleasant atmosphere is perfect for anyone who just wants to relax and have a good time. One of the first things people want to do when they visit the city is to experience the three sixty degree view from the mount Victoria. If you are planning to visit the city in the near future, make sure that you give it a shot and you will realize what we are talking about. The food is also a main attraction of this place and you get to try some really great cuisines and you are bound to love them if you happen to be a foodie.

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Why not charter a private jet to Wellington?

The fastest means to get to this dream destination is to charter a jet. For someone who wants to save time and stick to their schedule, a private jet makes an ideal solution as this gives them the advantage of having control on their schedule. If you want to have the flexibility and comfort of travelling, you will definitely need to go for one of these. Chartering private jets is now much easier than how it used to be and you can get everything done sitting at home. There are no annoying security checks nor flight delays if you opt for these services as you are the one who makes the decision here. Moreover, you also have the option to choose the services you wish to opt for which is not necessarily available in the other modes of transport.

Available Aircrafts & Helicopters Near Wellington

Aircraft Name Category  Yom  Seats  Range
G-200 Midsize Jet  N/A  9  3400 nm REQUEST NOW
Falcon 2000 Heavy Jet  N/A  10  3250 nm REQUEST NOW
G-550 Heavy Jet  N/A  13  6750 nm REQUEST NOW

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