About Us

At Princejets, we take pride in the fact that we are a customer focused company. Our customers are an inherent part of our business and all our services are designed to provide them with maximum comfort while saving time. Our endeavor to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations has earned us an enviable reputation in the aviation industry and also won us several awards for our exemplary service.

Since we are not limited to a small fleet of aircrafts or a single network of airlines and have partnerships with various private aircraft owners, operators and networks across the globe, we can organize aircrafts to preferred rates and on short notice. Whether you need to fly domestic or international, we are happy to assist you on your next flight and handle all flight arrangements making your journey as comfortable and hassle free as possible.


Princejets has been in the aviation industry since 2012 and from day one we have been considered to be one of the most dependable aircraft charter provider in the market.

With access to thousands of certified aircraft from all around the world, we can maximize your most valuable asset, time. Our experience and our service has made us the preferred partner of numerous clients from across the globe. We count some famous names from different industry verticals such as entertainment, sports, finance, corporate and politics as our satisfied and long-term customers.

Our Team

Our team members have more than 20 years of combined aviation experience which gives us the expertise and network to provide our clients with the most competitive rates on the market. Our tailored aircraft charter solutions ensure that we always strive to exceed client expectations and provide a personal experience, each and every time.

Leading Safety Standards

Princejets.com only works with aircraft operators that pass our strict safety standards. All our partners operate under the FAA Part 135 industry regulations or foreign equal and are checked by our quality control team on a quarterly bases.

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