Falcon 900

Known for its high engineering standards, Dassault made a big impact on the executive jet market with the Falcon 900 and ten years later they improved on it with the 900EX.

The cabin of the 900EX is simply huge. Just over six feet high and almost 8 feet wide it feels like there is plenty of room to move around or just lay your seat back to a fully relined position to make a bed. Console tables are standard and there is plenty of room for every gadget imaginable. There is a full sized galley for hot meal preparation, including oven. Some are configured with a separate room which can hold a full size desk or even a queen size bed.

The 900EX has amazing range taking you easily from New York to Moscow with plenty of fuel left over. The trijet design allows it to fly slower on approach than similar aircraft, making it all the more safer. It is the ideal private charter jet for transoceanic and transcontinental trips, offering great versatility in flight planning.

Falcon 900 Charter Jet Details

Manufacturer Dassault
Class Large Cabin Jets
Seating 12 – 19
Cruise Speed 570 mph
Range 5230 miles
Lavatory Full
Baggage 127 cu. ft.
Cabin Height 6.10 ft.
Cabin Width 7.70 ft.
Cabin Length 39.00 ft.

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