The Pilatus PC-12 is the largest single engine turboprop for civilian use in production. It depends on the ruggedly reliable and battle proven Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop. Arguably the most reliable aircraft motor ever built. The single motor means it can be operated at a much lower cost than a comparable twin like the King Air.

With is large side loading “barn door” it makes for an impressive hauler. Its decently fast and can carry you and your family, with lots of luggage half way across the country in incredible comfort. The cabin rivals those of large light jets such as the Citation CJ4 and the Phenom 300. And while the PC-12 is 150 knots slower than those jets its also half the cost and much cheaper to operate. Resulting in an affordable charter flight option when flying up to 7 passengers.

PC-12 Charter Jet Details

Manufacturer Pilatus
Class Turboprops
Seating 7
Cruise Speed 322 mph
Range 2034 miles
Lavatory Full
Baggage 40 cu. ft.
Cabin Height 4.80 ft.
Cabin Width 4.90 ft.
Cabin Length 16.90 ft.

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