Charter a Fighter Jet

Posted by: Prince Jets  Jun 18, 2014 02:06 PM

Going to New Zealand anytime soon? You may want to take a break from fly fishing or seeing the sights and take flight like you’ve always dreamed, by chartering a fighter jet from Strikemaster Ltd, which is based at Ardmore Airport. You’l be flying in a BAC 167 Mk88 Strkemaster that was used previously by the New Zealand Air Force to train fighter pilots.

A half hour flight, which includes a 650km/h run over the Hauraki gulf plus a simulation of a strike mission – including a dogfight with an enemy plane – costs $3000.

While its a little pricey to fly just for getting around its a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. Come on, you know you’ve been dreaming of trying it since you saw Top Gun.

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