New Tax For Commercial Flights in Italy

Posted by: Amir Nada  Jun 18, 2014 02:06 PM

Italy has announced a new tax on both Italian and non-Italian based business aviation operators. The new tax is paid for every passenger on every leg touching Italy. It works out to 100 euros per passenger on flights that are less than 810 nmiles and 200 euros for flights exceeding that length. 

It can add a significant cost to flights into and from Italy. For example a round trip charter flight from New York City to Rome with 4 passengers would work out like this: 4 passengers * 200 euros * 2 legs = 1,600 euros. Any additional flights in-country will count as additional legs. 

This tax is unfortunately similar to taxes already existing in other European countries such as UK, Austria and Germany. 

The new tax was approved in December 2011 and is now in retroactive effect since the Italian Collecting Agency adopted a payment method. Move information can be found at

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