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The Business and Telecommunication Epicenter of Germany

Dusseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany. Dusseldorf is a global center for business and finance. The city is renowned for its trade and fashion fairs. It holds about one fifth of the world’s top rated trade fairs. Dusseldorf also boasts of its diverse culture and fine art

Dusseldorf is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Germany. It hosts two of the major German providers of mobile frequencies namely E-Plus and D2 Vodafone. There are also over 170 national and global financial institutions that are headquartered in Dusseldorf. Several other companies also have their headquarters in Dusseldorf majority of them from sectors of fashion and beauty, manufacturing, insurance, energy, retail and wholesale, banking, media, etc.

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Why Use an Aircraft Charter in Dusseldorf?

There are unlimited investment opportunities in Dusseldorf. Business minded people interested in various sectors have a chance to make their investments in this city making it a great attraction to business enthusiasts. The city is served by Dusseldorf International Airport, which is the third largest commercial airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich. The airport receives about 18.6 million passengers annually.

Dusseldorf is also rich in culture and recreation. Among its most famous festival are Karneval and Altbier normally referred to as Beer. The festival attracts many visitors both local and foreigners. The nightlife of Dusseldorf is also very amazing mainly characterized by trendy music hits. Regardless of your flight plans to Dusseldorf, our aircraft and jet charter packages guarantee to suit all your needs.

Available Aircrafts & Helicopters Near Dusseldorf

Aircraft Name Category  Yom  Seats  Range
Learjet 60 Midsize Jet  N/A  8  2409 nm REQUEST NOW
Hawker 800XP Midsize Jet  N/A  8  2,642 nm REQUEST NOW
Legacy 600 Heavy Jet  N/A  13  3250 nm REQUEST NOW

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