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Italy’s Economic Epicenter

Milan is the capital of Lombardy and the main industrial, financial and economic epicenter of Italy. Milan has a high population and it’s the 5th largest city in the European Union. Considered to be the world’s major fashion and design city, Milan is the main financial center of the country, hosting Italy’s main stock exchange and headquarters of major companies and banks. Milan attracts about two million visitors annually and they contribute majorly to Italy’s gross domestic product.

Famous for its museums, landmarks and theaters, such as the Milan cathedral and Santa Maria delle Grazie decorated with Leonardo da Vinci paintings, Milan is rich in culture and historical heritage. It hosts important art gallery events that emphasize the relationship between art and the industry.

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Why use an Aircraft Charter in Milan?

Milan is the heart of Italy’s financial and economic sector. It generates about 20% of the country’s GDP. Being home to fortune 500 companies, media houses and advertising agencies Milan is a great stop for anyone looking to engage in business.

Available Aircrafts & Helicopters Near Milan

Aircraft Name Category Yom Seats Range
Learjet 60 Midsize Jet N/A 8 2409 nm REQUEST NOW
Hawker 800XP Midsize Jet N/A 8 2,642 nm REQUEST NOW
Legacy 600 Heavy Jet N/A 13 3250 nm REQUEST NOW

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Milan’s economy is also steered ahead by the huge fashion industry boasting of brands like the Versace, Armani and Valentino. We have partnered with top charter operators to make sure that travelling to this city with an is not only comfortable but passengers will also get there hassle free.

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