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Europe’s Upper Class Retreat

St. Moritz is a resort town in the Engadine valley in Switzerland and has a population of about 5,147, 38% of whom are foreign nationals. Considered to be one of the world’s most popular destinations for the upper class, St. Moritz is home to a number of well known companies in the service and trade industry. The town has attracted many foreign labels like Gucci, Bogner and Bally, who contribute to the gross national product of Switzerland.

Renowned for its beautiful museums and architecture like the Segantini Museum dedicated to Giovanni Segantini, St. Moritz is also famous for its glacier landscapes and ski sights, when it’s snowing. Architectural gems like the Murezzan Complex and the Chesa Future, have been created in recent years.

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Why use an Aircraft Charter in St. Moritz?

St. Moritz is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world and anyone who feels they have the money to spend comfortably should travel to this city to have fun. St. Moritz is also home to many tourists who come to explore the wonders of Switzerland. The beautiful climate also attracts foreign nationals while the growing economy attracts investors.

St. Moritz is also centrally located, making it easily accessible. An aircraft charter to St. Moritz will ensure that your trip is economical despite how big or small your group may be.

Available Aircrafts & Helicopters Near St. Moritz

Aircraft Name Category  Yom  Seats  Range
Challenger 600 Heavy Jet  N/A  11  3366 nm REQUEST NOW
Phenom 100 Very Light Jet  N/A  4  1178 nm REQUEST NOW
Falcon 900 Heavy Jet  N/A  14  3995 nm REQUEST NOW

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Why to St. Moritz?

Flying first class on a commercial flight may seem a better deal, but the truth is that it comes with many hassles. One may get delayed at the airport or even lose their luggage. That is why our private charter jet service was introduced. It’s not only fast, but also saves you the hassles that comes with being at the airport,

All you have to do is send us a fee free private jet charter request and our team of experts will help you get any information you may need about our services and even help you plan your next trip.

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